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The situation of two siblings Nguyen Lam Gia Linh

No longer sponsor due to the father has a stable job and the mother has also gone to work.

Sponsorship start time: 2021
Status: Completed
Charity campaign: Finished (campaigns)

Personal information

  1. Nguyen Lam Gia Linh
  2. Nguyen Lam Bao Thi

✔ Background: The father is the main income in the family but his job is not stable, the mother has just given birth to the third child, currently has no income.

✔ Sponsorship method:

  • Conditions: Children must continue their studies.
  • Support for the annual tuition fee for the three children in case the family cannot afford the tuition fee.

✔  Update: 

The father has been arranged by the Foundation to have a stable job, and her mother also goes to works and has an income. The family economy of the two sisters is now much better, so the Foundation decided to stop supporting long-term tuition fees.


The situation of two siblings Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Nhi

Parents are divorced, 2 children live with their mother, the mother’s health is weak, she works as a hired laborer but cannot pay for her 2 children’s education. 2 children have to work part-time to pay for their own meals, accommodation, and school fees. The situation is very difficult.

2nd charity football tournament “My shoes on the field – your shoes to school”

“My shoes on the field – your shoes to school” is an association football tournament for companies and benefactors. It is held by the Be Better Foundation with the purpose of raising fund to buy shoes for poor students in remote areas.

Please give me some leftovers

Every day in highland and remote areas, hundreds and thousands of children require eating, studying, and growing up to be good people who benefit society.

Meals for children

“Living in the city all these years, I cannot not imagine that poverty is still harshly present in such remote places. There are places where children do not have enough food to eat, their parents can only dig into the ground and in their garden for something edible to feed their children to school.”

“Please Give Children A Dream!”

Be Better Foundation implements the campaign to build a book library for poor students in remote areas with the hope that “Books will inspire them to have a dream”, “a dream that can change a life”, ”Changing one child’s life will change many generations in the future”

The long-term scholarship program “Bring children to school”

The long-term scholarship program “Bring children to school” which supports financing tuition fees and living expenses for students with extremely difficult circumstances is the core and continuous program of Be Better Foundation.