The 2022 Annual report - Be Better Foundation

The 2022 Annual report


On 11 March 2022, Be Better Foundation was officially founded. Its aim is to help poor children go to school, support them with pecuniary aid, provide them decent meals and clothes for them to continue their education. In addition, the foundation also provides spiritual support to encourage children not to quit school, and bring them motivation to put their best effort in the education path. 

By the end of 2022, within only 10 months of operation, Be Better Foundation had had a remarkable performance. Thanks to Mr. Tran Van Tinh – the founder’s friends and partners’ support, along with the trust of patrons in our community, 2022 marked a successful year of the foundation with many projects spreading widely and helping a lot of children.

Be Better Foundation would like to publish our annual performance report 2022 and extend our heartfelt and profound tribute to all of our patrons, friends, and partners.

Please visit this link to view the 2022 Annual Report.

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