The 2022 Audit report - Be Better Foundation

The 2022 Audit report


Be Better Foundation’s source of finance for operation is contributed not only from the Founder but also mainly from friends, partners, and benefactors with their implicit trust and companionship. 

Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh) would like to extend his sincere thanks to those contributing to the foundation’s charity activities as follow:

“During the past time, Be Better Foundation has received a lot of donations from many anonymous patrons who keep contributing without the need of recognition and credit for benevolence. How precious it is! How great they are!

On behalf of all supported students, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your philanthropy and generosity. All the Foundation’s members and I will try our best to be worthy of your faith. Wishing you all the best of health, peace, and happiness in life. 

Yours sincerely,” 

As a way of expressing our appreciation for the sponsors’ trust and companionship, Be Better Foundation always upholds transparency in all of our activities. We hereby publish the Audit Report from the date of establishment (11 March 2022) to 31 December 2022, prepared by Viet Australia Auditing Company. 

Here is the link to view details of the 2022 Audit Report.  

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