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Report on the charity trip in Binh Minh, Vinh Long Province


When you come across a teenager working in a coffee shop, serving food in a pub, or peddling his/her wares on the roadside, please stop for a while and inquire about his/her situation. Maybe he/she is a child, a grandchild, and also an excellent and obedient student struggling with many ups and downs in life to continue his/her education. That child may lose one or both parents, have no relatives left but a decrepit grandmother to rely on. If possible, please give him/her a few words of encouragement and a little comfort so that he/she has a little more courage to keep moving forward during times of hardship. That is one way of doing good deeds because it also means helping people.

Yesterday, the children I interviewed for scholarships said: “Instead of showing dissatisfaction with life, we are very grateful for being brought into the world”. They said that they didn’t have any complaints about life, then why did their tears keep falling? They said that they didn’t harbor any anger against fate, then why did they keep crying? Their lives have only just begun but they have been going through manyupheavals, then how can they not cry? However, behind those tears, they have a very strong will and an optimistic attitude, so they still look happy and energetic. A boy said that by working and studying at the same time, they would never drop out of school and would strive to become a psychologist, in the hope of helping children with psychological problems to overcome themselves and live a better life.

Life sometimes flows too fast. We live in the rush of everything outside and inside, so it’s hard for us to see good things in life even though they are right in front of our eyes. Once we slow down and observe what’s happening around us, we can see so many unfortunate and miserable lives, leaving full of pain in our hearts and making our tears fall down without knowing why. When we have those feelings, that’s when we feel compassion. Because no words can explain the nature of compassion, we can only feel it through the inner vibes and emotions.

Within 02 days from 23 March to 24 March, with the participation of about 600 12th graders of Hoang Thai Hieu High School and Binh Minh High School in Binh Minh Town, Vinh Long Province, Be Better Foundation organized a thinking training program, sharing knowledge and experience with them as precious preparation for life. In addition, the charity group also organized a “knowledgeable person” contest for needy children from poor and near-poor families.

To summarize, the total funding during this trip is VND 83 million, including 56 prizes worth VND 45 million and 38 scholarships worth VND 1 million each given to orphans. Besides, the charity group also interviewed seven 12th graders who are in especially difficult circumstances. These students, with very good academic records and life-changing mindsets, were approved for getting full scholarships worth about VND 840 million to finish university.

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