Be Better Foundation is a Vietnamese non-profit social enterprise

Be Better


Be Better Foundation (formerly Tony Foundation), a Vietnamese non-profit social enterprise, was established by Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh) in March 2022. Tony himself spent a childhood full of hardship when he had to work for a living after school.


Please give me some leftovers

Every day in highland and remote areas, hundreds and thousands of children require eating, studying, and growing up to be good people who benefit society.

Meals for children

“Living in the city all these years, I cannot not imagine that poverty is still harshly present in such remote places. There are places where children do not have enough food to eat, their parents can only dig into the ground and in their garden for something edible to feed their children to school.”

“Please Give Children A Dream!”

Be Better Foundation implements the campaign to build a book library for poor students in remote areas with the hope that “Books will inspire them to have a dream”, “a dream that can change a life”, ”Changing one child’s life will change many generations in the future”

The long-term scholarship program “Bring children to school”

The long-term scholarship program “Bring children to school” which supports financing tuition fees and living expenses for students with extremely difficult circumstances is the core and continuous program of Be Better Foundation.

School shoes for poor children

After taking volunteer trips to the Mekong Delta, I had supposed there were not many muddy roads like that, but the recent trip to Kontum made me deeply sad. Many children stood in line before me to receive the support money from Be Better Foundation.

Old computers: trash for us, but treasure for poor students!

Be Better Foundation opened a program calling for donating old but still functioning equipment and utensils to those in need. Poor students and students in remote areas can benefit from these donations.


“My shoes on the field – your shoes to school” – charity football tournament

After the recent trip to Kontum to award scholarships, I saw many children with worn-out slippers walking more than a dozen kilometers on a slippery hilly road to go to school.

Awarding scholarships to poor and studious students in Gia Lai and Kon Tum

Be Better Foundation is going to visit three schools, including secondary and high schools in Pleiku town, Gia Lai Province, and Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province.

Awarding scholarships to poor and studious students in Vung Liem district, Vinh Long province

On February 13, 2022, Be Better Foundation organized to award scholarships to help a part of living expenses for more than 200 students of Secondary school and High school  in Vung Liem district, Vinh Long province.

Supporting difficult circumstances during covid-19 in 2021

The most stressful COVID-19 phase in Ho Chi Minh City was when the city was locked down for several months in 2021. All business activities were stopped, and many families fell into poverty because of long-term job loss.

“New Year for you”

The scholarship program “New Year for you” was organized in 2018 by a volunteer group of Mr. Tran Van Tinh in Ninh Quoi Commune, Hong Dan District, Bac Lieu Province.

“Wish you go to university”

On May 21, Tony Tinh and his company's staff awarded scholarships to 200 poor students overcoming difficulties in Vinh Long Province,

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“ Helping others also means helping oneself, giving the self and mind a chance to practice compassion and loving through which one can find the transcendent meaning in this life.”

– Founder of Be Better Foundation –