Donation List - Be Better Foundation

Donation List

Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh), the founder of the Be Better Foundation, is committed to contributing 30% of his time and 20% of his yearly total income to the foundation’s fund. Mr. Lim Chor Ghee, the co-founder of IMM Group, has decided to donate 10% of his dividend from IMM Group. Tony’s other friends and partners contribute to particular projects or regularly.

The projects we have implemented include not only one-time support such as giving shoes and encouraging scholarships to students but also long-term regular support. For the disadvantaged students receiving our long-term financial help to cover their monthly expenses of living and studying, we are like their parents or elder siblings who are willing to support them.

Currently, we are implementing a full scholarship program for many children in extreme difficulties, with the hope of helping them get vocational training or finish university. These children are orphans or their families are completely unable to give them material support for higher education. Unfortunately, after high school graduation, they have to work for hire or get married. Like previous generations, their lives will get into a vicious circle of poverty.

Depending on benefactors’ heart and ability, the long-term contribution can be started from only VND 100,000 per month. We strongly believe that adding a few hundred thousand dong does not make us more prosperous, and losing a few hundred thousand dong will not make us poorer, but giving even a little bit will make us happier and create more positive life changes.

We would like to send the donation list of individuals & organizations that have supported Be Better Foundation.