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Report on the charity trip in Kon Tum from 09 December to 11 December 2022


As announced on the website and fanpage, Be Better Foundation successfully fulfilled the charity trip according to planned activities in Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province from 09 December to 11 December 2022. We hereby present the summary report to the benefactors and sponsors as follows:

1. Gift-giving program

As planned, the foundation gave warm clothes and books in 2 Communes:

  1. Kon Du Village, Mang Canh Commune
  2. Kon Vong Kia Village, Mang Den Town
  • Total value of warm clothes funded: VND 27,000,000 
  • Total value of books funded: VND 8,396,100 

In addition, the Foundation gave old books donated by benefactors through the project “Please give children a dream“.

Given to primary school and secondary school pupils, these books were carefully selected according to the following genres: 

  1.   Encyclopedia of science, plants and animals, and general knowledge
  2.   Books about success stories, inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles
  3.   Self-help: books about self-development skills
  4.   Books about ethics and filial piety

2. Survey program for selection of pupils to receive long-term scholarships

  • The Foundation cooperated with the Education Division of Kon Plong District and Kon Plong District Ethnic Minority Boarding High School for a selection of talented pupils who live in difficult conditions but are eager to learn and have a keen awareness of life and a life-changing mindset. 
  • In total, there were 7 secondary school pupils and 38 high school pupils participating in the thinking survey. 
  • Based on their test results, the Foundation will evaluate and select those who are qualified to receive long-term scholarships. 
  • With the purpose of helping children gain precious preparation for life, the long-term scholarship program includes the funding of full tuition fees for university/college/apprenticeship, career orientation, and programs of skills training and awareness raising. 
  • Furthermore, the foundation also visited, surveyed, and presented small gifts, each worth VND 362,000 to families of 4 ethnic minority pupils. Given with all the heart of all the foundation’s members, the gifts brought the early and cheerful atmosphere of the Tet holiday to these families and encouraged pupils not to drop out of school.  

| Total funding for this charity trip is VND 36,844,100.

Be Better Foundation would like to express our sincere thanks to the benefactors and volunteers for your companionship. We hope to continue receiving your support for our upcoming philanthropic activities.

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