Video - change for the better, starting today

Video – change for the better, starting today


Happiness is only sustainable and long-lasting if we share it with others. Compassion and love can be doubled by spreading them.

A better society can only develop when people perceive others to be better and when they have access to borderless opportunities to develop themselves. People will not have better awareness if they do not have the conditions to obtain basic knowledge. They will not have the opportunity to change their lives if they lack knowledge. However, knowledge must come from education. We believe that investing in helping the young generation to go to school, finish high school, and further their education will open a wider door for this generation and for the poor to change and contribute to social change. Voluntary actions, in addition to creating direct value, also have positive effects on the community and arouse compassion in people and spread goodness among many strata of society. Such actions help us all live better in a community with much love and happiness.

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