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50 scholarships to support poor students to go to university


The program provides 50 scholarships to support poor students in Binh Minh District, Vinh Long Province, to go to university. A big charity activity was organized in 2012 after many years of working with charity programs in this locality.

Unsatisfied with unfinished dreams

The idea of ​​giving scholarships to poor and studious students came to Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh) when he witnessed that many 12th graders in the countryside had to give up the opportunity to pursue university. In his hometown, Binh Minh District, many students graduated from high school with very high scores but still decided to stop their education to help their families. Tony said emotionally, “The end of the high school graduation exam is always a difficult turning point for many poor students. Being able to take the university entrance exam and continue to dream in the classroom is what every child wants. But for many children with difficulties, even the cost of going to the city to take the exam is too much, so forget daring to dream of up to 4–5 years of boarding school away from home.” To help poor students take the exam, Tony organized this scholarship award program. He said, “In my opinion, as long as they have the opportunity to take the exam and graduate university, they will have motivation and hope for the future ahead. School and social organizations will join hands to help children in many different ways. Even students themselves can work part time to pay their school fees. But if you decide to quit the exam and enter the world early, the future door becomes much narrower.” Tony believes that helping students is necessary and meaningful.

Heartwarming scholarship awarding ceremony

The program to support poor students to go to university is greatly supported by the local government. Nearly 20 representatives including commune presidents, principals of high schools, representatives of study promotion associations, and teachers participate. During the ceremony, Tony and Mr. Lim Chor Ghee on behalf of the company awarded 50 scholarships to support poor students with excellent achievements for university entrance exams. With this money, their families will partially bear the burden of university exams.

50 scholarships to support poor students to go to university
Local leaders speak at the awarding ceremony to support students in Binh Minh District
50 scholarships to support poor students to go to university
Tony’s share
50 scholarships to support poor students to go to university
Students receive support from Tony’s mother

Speaking after the scholarship award ceremony, Tony and Mr. Chor Ghee shared many experiences of overcoming difficulties and rising up in life to build a career. He reminded the students that “To change lives and come up from poverty, each person must be patient, make efforts and strive a lot. The first challenge in the university lecture hall is just a small difficulty in the countless difficulties ahead. Therefore, they must work harder to build a future for themselves and their families.”


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