How to apply for a job without even graduating?

How to apply for a job without even graduating?


This article is for students who are wondering how to search for jobs. One part of the Be Better Foundation’s plan is to help and share experiences with the younger generation.

You’ve got a lot of advice about finding a job since you were in college. It will help you both earn more income to help your family and improve your life and pursue good opportunities to accumulate more practical work experience to prepare yourself for life’s journey.

However, finding a job is never easy, even for graduates or those with work experience. So, what’s stopping you from finding the job you want? Wouldn’t you want to finish school just to ride a Grab? Do you want to change your future, your life? Do you want more income to repay your parents? Or do you want a stable life and clear direction?

You are invited to attend the FREE online sharing session on the topic “How to get a job even before graduation”.

The session consists of two important parts:

  • How to get the job of your dreams, even while you’re still at school.
  • A few lessons from practical experience based on research by many experts that can help you change your future.

Speaker: Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh), coming from a poor family of farmers in the river region of Vinh Long, with his strong will and determination to self-study and rise up in life, Tony built his own company, which has been in operation for nearly 16 years.

The sharing session took place on January 9, 2021. If you missed the sharing session, you can watch the following video again:

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