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Start a business with 500,000 vnd


In addition to giving scholarships and gifts to poor students, recently, the family of Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Tony Tinh) gave start-up loans to the poor to diversify their charity programs.

For many poor people, starting a business is not easy. The first difficulty is always capital. If you want to sell lottery tickets, sell vegetables, and so on, you need some initial capital. The amount is sometimes only a few 100,000 VND, but for the poor, it is a large amount. If people borrow on interest, say 2 percent per month, the amount of money they make will be less.

Therefore, Tony’s family decided to lend money to the poor to start a business. A total of 20 borrowers were selected; each one would be given VND 500,000. They would not have to pay interest and could return the money when their business became stable. Discussing this volunteer activity, Tony’s father said, “I decided to lend money, not give money because I want people to be motivated to work and strive.

Actually, before I started, I thought about how many people would not be able to pay me back later. I also don’t put too much importance on this, just hope that you can invest properly and have more income from that capital. After that, the money my relatives return, I lend it to others and so on.” With this continuous diversification of support methods, Tony’s family hopes that their volunteer activities will become more and more effective.


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