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The situation of Le Nguyen Thanh Tam

The Foundation found out about Tam’s situation during the COVID-19 pandemic when the city was on lockdown. Her situation was really difficult. Without any outside support, it is very likely she would not be able to finish university. Therefore, the foundation decided to put her on the long-term support list.

Sponsorship start time: 2020
Status: Received help
Charity campaign: Long term (campaigns)
Total sponsor: 21.984.000 VNĐ

Personal information

  • Le Nguyen Thanh Tam (born in 2002)
  • Student at Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City.

Family situation

  • Her father died in July 2021 from terminal liver cancer.
  • Her mother also has cancer and is currently being treated for cholangiocarcinoma at Gia Dinh Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Her mother used to have a small business, but because of her serious illness, she is no longer able to work.
  • She has a younger sister who is currently in middle school.
  • The family’s economic situation is very difficult. The family’s monthly income comes from her work as a tutor with a salary of VND 1.5 million.

Support from Be Better Foundation

  • Sponsor wholly annual university tuition fees
  • Support for part-time jobs and career orientation.
  • Conditions: Funds support in the condition that children have to maintain their studies.

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The situation of Nguyen Thi Nhat Anh

Nhat Anh's father has an eye disease and is currently unemployed due to a recent accident resulting in a bone fracture. Her mother sells vegetarian noodles, earning about 100,000 VND per day, which is just enough to cover their daily meals. Nhat Anh's parents have 6 children, and three of them are still attending school. Nhat Anh and her twin sister, Minh Anh, are in 12th grade. Their family is facing severe hardship and doesn't have enough money to support their education.

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